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Simple CMS

Add additional content to your data portal: A blog, FAQs, or background information. The Simple CMS extension lets you add any content to your portal.

Geospatial preview and search

Two extensions (spatial and geoview) provide CKAN with advanced preview functions for your geospatial data. Easily preview datasets on a map without having to download them. Maps can also be displayed as small “widgets” next to your dataset. Furthermore, the extension allows for filtering search results by drawing an area of interest Read more

Advanced map views

Add thematic (choropleth) maps to CKAN. You can display e.g. the population density of various regions by colouring the map in different shades of blue. Also regions/countries can be clickable and display more data after being selected. Works with GeoJSON files.

Advanced data visualisations

Allow users to visualise your datasets using graphs, and charts. You can also pre-define and save visualisations for selected datasets to provide users with a better understanding of your data. An embed function provides code snippets so charts can be embedded within external websites.


Our data dashboard visualises selected datasets on a single overview screen. You can add graphs, charts, and maps to give users a quick summary of the data you value most. Demonstrate your organisations growth and visualise the effects of your policies and programs. The dashboard is simple to use, self-explanatory and includes all Read more

Request data

Gather feedback from your community and let users request datasets they would like to see. The extension provides a form to make requests and allows users to follow up with the publishing process.

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