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Presenting applications, products, and software that make use of your open data is easy with Showcase. Bridge the gap between your published data and cases studies by presenting them right on your portal.

Comments (disqus)

Add a comment section below your datasets. The extension integrates “disqus”, a highly popular third-part discussion. Allow your users to give feedback on individual datasets and increase user participation.

DataStore & DataPusher

Two powerful extensions allowing you to store data in a structured database rather than just in blob data files. This way you improve the searchability of your data and provide greater use for data users. Datastore comes with a data API to access resource data via a web API with powerful query support.

Data Harvester

CKAN harvester retrieves datasets from remote resources and integrates them into your portal. The extension allows to “harvest” other CKAN portals, as well as third-party data portals and storages. Retrieved data will be automatically indexed and made available on your portal. The harvester can be used to connect data portals of different Read more

Google Analytics integration

The extension integrates the powerful Google Analytics into your CKAN portal. Get more insights about your user’s behaviour to make the portal more attractive to specific user groups and measure your success. You can add Event Tracking to resource download links, API calls, group links, user profile links, editing and saving user Read more

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